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Wholesale Coffee

We want to make speciality coffee available to everyone, we source taste and roast coffees that suit every level of coffee business. 

Whether you are starting out on your coffee journey or looking for something special to improve your offering we cover it all.

All of our staff have experience in the café market, working and running business, this gives them a unique ability to understand a customers needs.

We love a chat, it’s important to understand what your business model is before talking coffee. Feel free to get in contact by phone email or DM and we can take it form there.




We work with a couple of green bean suppliers and direct trade, most of our offerings are unique to us, we work hard with farmers to ensure our quality is always at the front of our offerings.

We offer excellent value blends and delicious single origin coffees, our Espresso blend is our bestselling coffees and offers a consistent flavour profile throughout the year at a great price.

All of our coffees are ethically sourced, we develop working relationships with farmers who are paid a premium price in return for consistency and quality, this allows the farmers to run a sustainable business.



Without training all the hard work the farmer puts into growing the coffee, and we put into roasting the coffee, can be lost. We provide excellent training services, either in our roastery or at your premise. We understand that staff change over time so ‘top-up’ training is a vital service that we provide.



We have you covered, whether you are starting a small business and just want to get started or if you are looking for something special to showcase your coffee,

we can provide it all. All of our equipment sales include installation, servicing and training. If you buy through us, we are there to support you.



The Roastery & Sustainability

We operate out of a building on the edge of Wicklow town, right beside the sea. We roast on some of the most advanced roasters in Ireland, we recently took delivery of the first Probat P25/3 in Europe. Our investment in technology and equipment, mixed with our traditional understanding of coffee roasting, helps us to deliver perfect quality coffee week after week. 

At Brady's we are committed to delivering a sustainable coffee experience by reducing waste and working with farmers. While we are small and change can be tough we are proud of our achievements so far . 

  • We are planting native Irish trees (1200 every two years) in partnership with reforest nation, the planting of these trees offsets our current carbon footprint
  • We aim to have our carbon footprint on all of our packaging by 2023
  • Our chaff, a natural byproduct of roasting is being used in composting and bedding for hens! 
  • Our used coffee sacks are given to local schools (craft and sports days) garden centers and we have connected with local bee keepers who we supply our coffee sacks to, free of charge, for their smokers. 
  • Our packaging is recyclable, we are aiming to start changing over some of our packaging to compostable in 2023. 



We have a beautiful range of delicious coffees in 227g retail bags and tins available. As well as tasting delicious our coffees make excellent gifts, especially for hampers or corporate events.  if you are interested in stock our range please do not hesitate to get in contact. 





Get in touch for a chat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @bradyscoffeeireland