Brew Guide Lidl Coffee - Brady's Coffee

Cafetiere /French press

While developing our coffee for Lidl I drank a lot of this blend, it is currently the coffee I drink most, very happy how it turned out.  In the cafetiere you get a really smooth flavoursome coffee, I could easily polish off a cafetiere over breakfast at the weekend.

This recipe is a good starting place, you can adjust depending on your taste.

  • Pre heat your French Press with boiling water, discard the water
  • Weigh out 30g of ground coffee and add to the cafetiere
  • Take 500ml just off the boil water (30 seconds off the boil) and pour over the coffee insuring it is well mixed. (best to use filtered water that has only been boiled once, makes a difference!)
  • Leave to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. With pre-ground we recommend 3 minutes, if grinding the coffee, yourself and it is a little more coarse, leave for 4 minutes.
  • After the 3 to 4 minutes, slowly plunge, get your favorite cup, and enjoy!
  • If drinking black, pour the coffee into your cup and allow to slightly cool, slightly cooling the coffee will really help with the flavour development.


  • We wanted a coffee that can work in most brewing methods, I was especially happy with our espresso results. Comes through very well in milk and is perfectly smooth as an americano.
  • The ratio we recommend is 18g of coffee to 36g of water in about 27 seconds.
  • If the flow is too fast or slow adjust your grind to suit.
  • If you find this too weak or strong just adjust the coffee by 1g at a time either way until you get your desired strength.

The grind is vital so it is worthwhile investing a decent grinder, a decent grinder does not have to break the bank but it will make your coffee so much better. There is a big range of grinders on our website